How to Help




When we take on a new dog, it is our preference to immediately place him/her in a loving foster home. This is the ideal situation for a rescue dog's transition to a permanent home, as fostering provides a stimulating and nurturing environment and gets the dog accustomed to being a well-mannered house pet prior to adoption.


Additionally, a foster home can provide valuable information about the dog personality and behavior that will enable us to place them in the most compatible home.

If you are interested in fostering a dog we would love to talk to you! Please send us a message by clicking here, and let us know any questions you may have. 

We ask that fosters make at least a 2 week commitment, but it is ideal if a foster home can commit to the pet for their duration of stay with the rescue. 






We need volunteers for all different kinds of events and activities. Read below for some of the things we need volunteers for:


Adoption Helpers: are needed to help at adoption events. You may need to help set up or tear down. We always need people to make sure the dogs are happy and have water, or we may need you to walk the dog with a potential adopter and talk with them. We like to know who we will have to volunteer the week before. Make sure you fill out one of our volunteer waivers which you'll find at the bottom of this page.


Event Helpers: Second Chance has many events during the course of the year for a variety of reasons such as social, fundraising or public education.  We need people to help at these events and responsibilities can range from selling raffle tickets, manning the booth, taking phone calles etc. Events are throughout the year and typically require anywhere from 3-6 hours of your time.


Transport Volunteer: Sometimes we need a dog picked up from the local shelter. Sometimes a foster may not be able to bring their foster to an event. This is where are awesome transport volunteers save the day!


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