Welcome to our first #TransformationTuesday

Tina's story is sad but not unique, unfortunately. Tina was rescued from Tijuana, Mexico where she was found in deplorable condition, almost all of her fur was gone from a case of severe mange, and she was so underweight you could see all of her bones.

She had been living on the streets for months and countess people had walked past her, not giving a second look. Luckily, a kind group of people found Tina one day and decided she was worth saving. From there a group of dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to get her healthy, and out here to Las Vegas. We had her mange and weight under control when we discovered she had a hip problem from an old injury (most likely hit by a car), and she required a TPO surgery ($1,400 YIKES!).

Luckily, Tina is resilient, her surgery went great and she healed like a charm. Today, Tina is living with a loving family, with another doggy sibling. Her mom is an avid runner and lets Tina join her to get the exercise she requires. Tina is a true #TransformationTuesday. But we could not do it with out help from you. Please consider donating to help us continue transforming dogs like Tina.

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