When we take on a new dog, it is our preference to immediately place him/her in a loving foster home. This is the ideal situation for a rescue dog's transition to a permanent home, as fostering provides a stimulating and nurturing environment and gets the dog accustomed to being a well-mannered house pet prior to adoption.


Additionally, a foster home can provide valuable information about the dog personality and behavior that will enable us to place them in the most compatible home.

If you are interested in fostering a dog we would love to talk to you! Please send us a message by clicking here, and let us know any questions you may have. 

We ask that fosters make at least a 2 week commitment, but it is ideal if a foster home can commit to the pet for their duration of stay with the rescue. 




Foster 101: Watch These Videos

Fostering: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a foster home?

A dog foster home is an extension of an animal shelter’s lifesaving capacity made possible through partnerships with the public. Through fostering, members of the public provide temporary shelter, food, care, and love for dogs in need. These dogs may be dogs already in custody who need some extra TLC, dogs who are at risk of being killed at other shelters, or dogs who have nowhere else to go, and ultimately, foster homes serve as the temporary bridge between these at-risk situations and a furever home. Foster homes increase our ability to save lives. But a foster home doesn’t just improve our lifesaving statistics, it improves the quality of life for each individual dog it saves. Time and time again, foster homes have proven to transform dogs for the better, significantly improving their mental and physical well being. Put simply, a foster home saves lives AND makes those lives better.

How long do I keep a foster dog?

We ask that you keep your foster dog until adoption, but we require a minimum two week commitment (although there are frequently shorter-term options available). We are unable to predict how long it will take for your foster dog to be adopted as it is case specific. Young puppies are typically adopted very quickly, while adult dogs can take 1-2 months and sometimes longer.

If you are fostering a hospice dog, they remain with you the remainder of their lives.

How old do you have to be to foster?

Our fosters need to be at least 18 years old. However, fostering is a great experience for families as well.

What does Second Chance provide its fosters?

Resources: behavioral, medical, and general assistance with caring for your foster dog Certain supplies like crates, collars, and leashes (as available) Dog sitters for when you go out of town All medical care for the dog as deemed appropriate by our Medical Team

What are my responsibilities as a foster?

Provide a safe, clean, caring environment Provide food, water, toys/enrichment, and shelter Provide exercise and socialization as appropriate Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems Transport to/from any necessary appointments at our Medical Clinic Actively participate in marketing your foster dog Screen and meet with potential adopters; be responsive and courteous towards each potential adopter Carefully read all documents & carefully follow all instructions that APA! provides

Are there dog-friendly, kid-friendly dogs needing foster homes?

Yes, but since many of our foster dogs do come directly from other shelters, we cannot always guarantee the temperament or health of any animals. We do our best to provide our fosters with as much information as possible before they bring the dog into their homes, and then work with our fosters to learn more about the dog as they are in foster.

Why Foster?

Fostering dogs saves lives! Shelters still kill perfectly healthy animals because they run out of kennel space. Finding a foster home for them may be the only way for them to go from a shelter, where they may be at risk of death, to their furever home. The number of animals we save depends entirely on the number of foster homes we have open to them. Foster homes truly help us save many more animals than we could with just our shelters.

Who do I contact if I want to be a foster or have questions about fostering?

Please e-mail us at SecondChanceLV@gmail.com

How can I see the dogs available for foster?

Please e-mail us at SecondChanceLV@gmail.com